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Flights to Mozambique are available from all the major cities and towns in South Africa and are short depending on where you are travelling from. Maputo is the trendy capital city that rumbles with Portuguese rhythms and the promise of great days and even better nights. But beyond the bustling city streets of Maputo you will find a country of beautiful back country begging to be explored. The central regions of Mozambique are known for their small beach towns, while the northern regions are famous for untouched landscapes and exquisite beaches and islands. Mozambique is a country made for explorers and intrepid travellers wanting to experience the raw, rugged side of East Africa where it truly is about the journey and the experiences and encounters you have along the way. South Africans do not need a visa for Mozambique if they aren’t staying for more than 30 days. You will need to have blank pages for entry stamps and a validity date of at least six months beyond your return date to South Africa.


Mozambique is one of the great African experiences. From the southern beach towns of Ponta do Ouro and Vilankulos and unexplored little towns of Quelimane in central Mozambique to the untouched northern parts of the country, Mozambique is a place of beauty and mystery. A holiday in Mozambique is for adventure seekers and nature lovers. It is a country of immense natural beauty on land and below the waves. The warm waters draw travellers from all around the world who want to witness magnificent underwater kingdoms and swim with the dolphins and whale sharks. Snorkelling and scuba diving expeditions will show you an exquisite underwater world and give you a chance to experience swimming beside iconic ocean wildlife. Mozambique is also a place of music. A number of music and cultural festival happen throughout the year, including AZGO Festival, STRAB (Subterranean Rhythm & Blues) Festival, Mozamboogy, and FORR (Fellowship of Rock) Festival. Mozambique is also becoming a hotspot for surfers seeking the perfect waves. Barra Beach in Inhambane, Guinjala Bay near Praia de Jangamo, Tofinho in Praia do Tofo, Ponta d’Ouro, and Pomene Bay are the best places for surfing in Mozambique. And then there is the food. Mozambique is a paradise for lovers of seafood and spicy food. A good part of your holiday should be spent trying as many local dishes as you can.


You will be able to find shopping centres in many of the cities and towns in Mozambique. Maputo has the widest variety of shopping malls. Maputo Shopping Centre, Polana Shopping Centre, and Marés Shopping Centre are the three main shopping malls in Mozambique. If you are interested in markets, Beira is known for its great selection of markets that sell clothes, fruit and vegetables, freshly caught fish, and other trinkets and treasures. Machilla Magic in Vilankulos is a Fair Trade Tourism certified community project that works with local artists and their families to create arts and crafts from recycled materials. You will be able to buy locally made goods while contributing to a good cause. If you want to buy souvenirs and get a taste for the local food, head to Feira de Artesanato in Maputo.


Mozambique is a huge country with many unpaved roads, so travelling around the country is not always simple or easy. Because the towns tend to be so widely spread, many travellers to Mozambique tend to stick to one region of the country. However, if you want to venture beyond just one area, domestic flights or renting a car is the best option. Because of the unpredictable condition of the roads, renting a 4X4 is recommended. Private drivers and shuttle tours are another reliable options for getting around Mozambique. If you are in the city, chapas are the local minibustaxis that are an option if you’re up for a rather hair-raising experience – chapa drivers are not known for their smooth driving, and the vehicles are rarely in good condition.


Although there are many options when it comes to accommodation, especially in Maputo, the beach lodges are by far the best places to stay in Mozambique. But where you stay will depend largely on which part of the country you are travelling to. Northern Mozambique and the coastline are famous for their beach lodges and resorts. The accommodation in these regions of Mozambique tends to be more exclusive and expensive because of the location. However, smaller establishments can be sometimes be found here and there. The southern parts of Mozambique, such as Inhambane, Gaza, and Maputo Province are more easy-going with local towns and holiday villages, so you will be able to find places to stay that are more affordable. Accommodation ranges from beach cottages and self-catering lodges to apartments and resorts. If you want to splash out, Benguerra Island and Bazaruto Island are famed for their beach resorts and exclusive locations.


Direct flights to Mozambique are currently only offered from Johannesburg on South African Airways and LAM Mozambique Airlines. Kenya Airways offers connecting flights to Mozambique. Flights from Johannesburg and Durban are relatively short, making it a great holiday option if you don’t want to spend too much time travelling. A flight from Johannesburg is one hour, a flight from Cape Town is about four and a half hours, and a flight from Durban is about three hours and 45 minutes. You will land at one of three international airports and catch domestic flight to your destination if necessary. The three international airports in Mozambique are Maputo International Airport (MPM), Nampula International Airport (APL), and Pemba Airport (POL). If you want to fly to one of the islands, you will need to catch a connecting flight.


Hop on a white sailed dhow and sail to the castaway islands and sandbanks of the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos and the romantic Ibo Island and Ilha de Mozambique. A dhow island hopping safari will take you to secret beaches and islands where you can snorkel with turtles and reef sharks, witness spectacular sunsets over the glittering Indian Ocean, and camp beneath the stars on a deserted island. These ocean safaris are an unforgettable way to explore the islands. There are various options, including day trips, sunset cruises, honeymoon cruises, and multiple night trips.