A. Company Details:
The domain travelcheck.co.za is powered by Travelcheck (Pty) Ltd and is an internet-based travel business for flights, tour packages, ground services, and other travel products, hereinafter: the “Company” or “Travelcheck”

Travel Check (Pty) Ltd ; Comp. Reg. No. 4540285634
315 Melk street
Nieuw Muckleneuk
South Africa 0181
Email: service@travelcheck.co.za

B. Making and Processing Bookings:
1.1 The following terms and conditions and limitations of liability, together with the booking’s details, will serve as the contract between the customer and Travelcheck (which operates the Website www.travelcheck..co.za) as part of the booking. Making a booking is tantamount to accepting all the terms and conditions and undertakings set forth in this document and in ancillary documents.
1.2 These general provisions will also apply to all booking components concerning passports and visas, tour packages, hotel reservations, car rentals, and insurance. In addition to these provisions, detailed instructions concerning passports and visas, hotels, car rental, and insurance ,which constitute an integral part of this document, will apply to all components of the aforementioned bookings. Detailed instructions for these booking components can be found on Travelcheck’s Website.
1.3 Travelcheck is a travel agency that markets, retailing marketing by agency of the Website, various tourism products to the private customer (hereinafter - the “Various Services” ). Travelcheck operates as an agent on behalf of its customers with the Various Providers, and thus bears no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the provision of the Services booked through it, their nature, quality, correlation to the booking, or changes in the final price, unless the shortcoming is on account of an action or omission committed by the Company.
1.4 Travelcheck does not itself actually provide any of the services included amongst the Various Services, and all the services offered are purchased for the customer and in his name, from the providers of the Various Services, and are subject to their terms and conditions and considerations, such as: air carriers, package tour organisers, various ground service providers, hotels, car rental companies, etc. that organise, or provide the services themselves (hereinafter: the “Various Providers”).
1.5 Travelcheck undertakes to execute the order with skill, according to its details and the customer’s demands, to accurately convey any information that it knows, or should have known, about the services being booked, to provide the Service Providers [sic] with the information relevant to the transaction, and to ensure that the booking corresponds to the order placed.
1.6 All the information related to the Various Services presented to the customer, such as flight times, carrier and airplane details, terminal, etc., is taken directly from the Various Providers and in reliance on them. The Company undertakes to provide and present to the customer any material information or presentation in its possession, as received from the Various Providers, and any information known, or which should have been known, to it, about the Various Services. However, the Company cannot be responsible or liable for the actual veracity of the information received from the Various Providers.
1.7 Travelcheck will not be liable for any disruption or unexpected malfunction in the supply of the Services booked, and which are not under its control, if they occur in the provision of the Services, unless it knew, or should have known, in advance, of the actual malfunction or disruption, including with respect to any failure to comply with special requests made by the customer, unless it is due to its act or omission.
1.8 The customer’s undertakings, including the terms and conditions of cancellations and changes, will be effective from the moment the request is completed by clicking the “Complete Order” button on the Website. A booking cannot be cancelled even if final confirmation of the booking has not yet been received, other than in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. Once the “Complete Order” button is pressed, the Company will be entitled to guarantee its ability to debit the customer’s credit card, by reserving on hold a credit line to the tune of the price of the order.
1.9 Booking some of the Various Services is subject to confirmation of the booking by the Various Providers, which is not known to the Company at the time of booking, and is not guaranteed. At this stage, where final confirmation of the booking has not yet been given, and in writing, the booking constitutes a “Waiting List” or a “Booking Request”, meaning that it is awaiting confirmation from the Various Providers with respect to the price and availability offered. Until final confirmation of the order, Travelcheck, at the request of the Various Providers, may change the price of the booking and its terms. In such an event, the customer may cancel the Booking Request without charge.
1.10 After the “Booking Request” has been completed, a booking number will appear on the screen. Save and present this number in any inquiry or contact with Travelcheck. Immediately at the end of the booking process, you will be sent an email with details of the Booking Request and additional instructions. If you do not receive an e-mail message, check the spam / junk mail box and contact Travelcheck immediately. Further guidance is provided in Clause 1.18 below.
1.11 If final confirmation is not granted, in whole or in part, within 24 hours from the time of the Booking Request on weekdays, or 48 hours on weekends or religious holidays, the customer may cancel it without charge. The customer may waive his right to cancel the Booking Request and wait for its confirmation for a longer period of time.
1.12 After the final confirmation of the booking and the debiting of the customer’s credit card, Travelcheck will transfer the travel documents to the customer according to the contact details that he provided when he made the booking, no later than 48 hours after the charge was created. If the first flight date of the booking is less than 48 hours from the date of the charge, the documents will be sent immediately.
1.13 The call centre’s operating hours are Monday through Friday between 08:00 - 17:00, and for operation and customer care Monday through Sunday from 08:00 - 21:00. Messages can be left by email at service@travelcheck.co.za. Reservations including flight bookings, ground arrangements, insurance, visas, car rentals, etc., made on weekdays after 17:00 or after the call centre is closed, will be handled vis-à-vis the Providers and the customer on the following business day.
1.14 Reservations the departure time of which is less than 12 hours from the time of booking, will be confirmed, charged, and ticketed only on condition that the customer has contacted an agent at the call centre over the phone, and the booking was actually confirmed, or the customer received an airline ticket by email.
1.15 In cases of high urgency relating to flights scheduled within the next 12 hours, urgent messages can be left on the website’s Facebook page.
1.16 At the Company’s request, the customer will provide his telephone contact details or be available to receive an email for the delivery of notices and material information related to the booking, which will be available at all times in South Africa and overseas, from the time the booking is made, and until the flight itself (including the return flight, if booked). The Company will not be responsible or liable for changes, and the consequences thereof, if the passenger cannot be located.
1.17 The customer will notify the Company as soon as possible of any discrepancy in the supply of the Services booked, in order to enable it to deal with any such problem.
1.18 If in the course of booking on the Website credit card details have been entered, but the booking process has been interrupted, or the Website has stopped responding, or an order confirmation email with an order number has not been received, the booking process must be stopped immediately, and Travelcheck notified by email or by phone. In any event, a repeat or additional booking should not be made for fear of double booking. Travelcheck will not be liable for double booking cancellations, and the Customer will bear the cancellation charges, if applied by the Providers. Travelcheck undertakes to act vis-à-vis Providers to reduce the costs.
1.19 Travelcheck may cancel any flight, hotel stay, package, or parts thereof, and any other Service, for any reason that is not dependent on it, no later than 14 days, which are not days of rest, from the departure date. In such an event, the customer will be offered alternatives for him to choose from. If the alternatives are not acceptable, the customer will be reimbursed any payment, or advance payment, that has been paid in full. It is agreed that the customer will have no claim and/or demand of any kind against Travelcheck in this matter.
1.20 The travelcheck Website may include links to other websites that offer various services in the field of tourism. Travelcheck will not be responsible or liable for the information, materials, products, or services included or accessible through these websites. All the services offered will be by direct contractual engagement between those websites and the customer, according to the terms and conditions of purchase, price, and the responsibility and liability of those websites. Use of these websites will be by the customer and at his own risk.
1.21 Making a booking on the Website is tantamount to written confirmation, and constitutes confirmation for Travelcheck to send you information by regular mail or e-mail, as well as by telephone or text messaging systems, for marketing and advertising purposes. You may request to cease receiving such information in accordance with the travelcheck’ Privacy Policy , appearing on the Website and which constitutes an integral part of this document.
1.22 According to the authorities’ and the air carriers’ instructions, every passenger must, without exception, present himself to a flight with a passport valid for at least six months from the scheduled date of return.
1.23 It is total customer responsibilities to ensure that all passports and visas are current, valid, obtained on time, have sufficient blank pages, will be valid for six months after return to their home country and that any vaccinations, inoculations, prophylactic (e.g. for malaria) and the like, where required, have been obtained.
1.24 The Ministry of Health has detailed instructions regarding vaccination and health policy relating to overseas destinations. Each customer must update himself prior to his departure on the detailed guidelines and recommendations, prior to completing the booking. It is expressly clarified, that no demand to cancel a booking for a destination with respect to which guidelines / limitations have been previously published will be accepted, and the Company does not guarantee to cancel a booking if guidelines / restrictions are published for that destination after completing the booking. The Ministry of Health information and guidelines can be found at: Minsitry of health.
Payments and Refunds
1.25 The price is accurate current to the moment of publication on the Website, and may change during the booking process and until the time of payment. The same applies to price quotes for changes to routes and schedules. These are correct for the moment when they are given, and even then, price and availability are determined by the suppliers and are subject to their final confirmation.
1.26 All prices of the Various Services appearing on the travelcheck Website include all taxes and levies, and everything necessary to book the Services included therein, according to the terms and conditions of the booking. With the exception of handling fees as detailed below.
1.27 All charges will be made in ZAR (South African Rand) according to the “Transfers and Cheques (sale)” rate, as published on the business day preceding the placement of an order. A customer wishing to charge a foreign currency credit card will make a reservation on the website, and a Travelcheck representative will check together with the customer whether this option is available.
1.28 In addition to the prices of the Services appearing on the Website, Travelcheck will charge R75 per reservation, regardless of the number of passengers in the booking.
1.29 In addition to this, Various Providers offer additional services, for a payment, on flights, such as luggage or seating. The customer has the option to purchase these services directly from the airline, or via the Website at the time of booking or thereafter. The price displayed on the Travelcheck Website when booking these services includes a service fee of R25-50 per item in the reservation.
1.30 It is emphasised, that if it is found that the customer has the right to a refund of money in respect of his booking, they will be returned to him only after Service Provider actually transfers the funds to Travelcheck, which will then be immediately refunded to the customer, as above mentioned. Rand refunds of debits denominated in foreign currency, will be carried out at the official exchange rate on the day the credit is executed.
C. Booking Cancellations and Changes:
2.1 As a rule, the customer has the right reserved to change, cancel, or add to his booking, all subject to the Consumer Protection Act , the Consumer Protection Regulations, Provider’s guidelines (airlines, Service Providers, etc.), and the agreements herein. Travelcheck reserves the right to cancel the remaining components of a Tour Package, or some of them, should the customer elect to cancel, under this Clause, one or more components of the purchase he executed. In such an event, the cancellation will be carried out free of charge for the customer, with respect to the components of the purchase which Travelcheck cancelled.
2.2 Cancelling a Booking
In the event of the Client cancelling the Booking, Travelcheck shall have the right to either claim the amount of, or retain an amount of the Payment and claim reasonable damages suffered by Travelcheck, provided that Travelcheck shall not impose any cancellation fee or claim any damages in respect of a Booking or reservation if the Client is unable to honour the Booking or reservation due to the death or hospitalisation of the Client. The Principals may reserve the right to cancel any services prior to departure, in which event the Payment (less Travelcheck's service fee) will be refunded by the Principal to the Client without any further obligation on the part of Travelcheck. Travelcheck will process the request for refund. Clients should refer to the “Refunds” section of these Conditions, as well as the cancellation provisions contained in the Principal’s Conditions or the Sites. Principals may charge cancellation fees over and above the cancellation fees charged by Travelcheck in terms of this Condition.
2.2.1 In accordance with the provisions of Sections 14C(c) and (d)(2) of the Act, the Consumer may cancel any reservation, in the field of tourism and vacations, within 14 days from the date of execution of the transaction, or from the date of receipt of the document containing said details, whichever is later, if the cancellation date of the transaction does not occur within seven days, which are Not Days of Rest, prior to the date on which the service is supposed to be provided.
2.2.2 Pursuant to Section 6A(12) of the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transaction) Regulations, the aforesaid shall not apply to accommodation, travel, vacation, and recreation services that are fully provided outside South Africa, including connection flights for flights departing from South Africa, provided by another airline, and Tour Packages outside of South Africa.
2.2.3 In transactions in which different components of the booking are purchased from different Providers, or alternatively can be cancelled separately from other components of the reservation, each component of the booking must be considered a separate transaction for the purpose of collecting the cancellation fees. For this purpose, in a transaction in which a number of airline tickets were purchased for a number of passengers, each ticket per passenger will be considered a separate transaction, and with respect to each ticket in which more than one airline is combined, the portion of each airline in the ticket will also be considered a separate transaction. For this purpose, the components of a Package that comprises several components, will be considered separate transactions for the purpose of calculating the cancellation fees.
2.2.4 In accordance with the provisions of Sections 14E(b)(1) of the Act, in the event of such cancellation, Travelcheck shall refund the consumer, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Notice of Cancellation, the part of the price of the transaction paid by him by that time, will cancel the consumer’s charge for the transaction, and will not charge any amount to him, aside from a cancellation fee at a rate that does not exceed 5% of the price of the Service or the transaction, or R500 per customer, whichever is lower;
2.2.5 For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified, that the provisions of this Clause are for the customer’s convenience only, and that the binding and complete version of the cancellation instructions with respect to remote sales transactions, is the one set forth in Sections 14C and 14E of the Act. In any event, it is emphasised, that the provisions of any of these terms and conditions do not derogate from the provisions of the Act.
2.2.6 In accordance with the provisions of the Act, a request to cancel a booking will be sent orally or by registered post, or by email, or on the cancellation form on the Website. Please ensure that the cancellation request you sent has been received by the Company’s office.
2.2.7 At the demand of some airlines, customers will fill out a specific request form to cancel a flight, and transfer it to Travelcheck (available from our representatives). The form will be completed, as far as possible, in English. Travelcheck will forward the request to the airline, follow up, and update the customer. Travelcheck representatives will assist as much as necessary any traveller requesting assistance in drafting or translating an English application for an airline.
2.3. Cancelling a Booking Otherwise than Under the Consumer Protection Act
2.3.1 Booking all tourism products, including flights, tour packages, hotels, car rentals, tickets for shows, ski packages, and all relevant ground arrangements that do not meet the cancellation conditions in the Consumer Protection Act, will be subject to cancellations fees as applied pursuant to the Providers’ determinations. Travelcheck undertakes to clarify for the customer, and upon his request, any information about the cancellation and change fees relevant to his booking and will assist him in this matter as requested.
2.3.2 The forgoing notwithstanding, on “low-cost” flights, full cancellation fees will be charged per the cost of the ticket, from the time of the booking, except, as above mentioned, in cases to which the Consumer Protection Act applies – cancellation of a remote sale transaction, Section 14(c)(f).
2.3.3 Any request to change or cancel a flight otherwise than in the scope of the Act, will be forwarded to Travelcheck in writing. Changing the details of the booking is tantamount to cancelling the booking and making a new reservation, for all intents and purposes. Travelcheck does not guarantee that modifications to the dates, destinations, or customer names can be executed, and these matters are subject to the Providers’ policies.
2.3.4 If it is found that the customer has the right, in accordance with the determination of the airline or the Provider, to receive reimbursement from the airline for port taxes in respect of cancelling his flight, the customer will fill out a request form for reimbursement of port taxes. Travelcheck will forward this application form to the airline. It is emphasised, that the refunds, if any, are subject to the airline’s decision, and will be returned to the customer only after the airline actually transfers the funds to Travelcheck. Travelcheck will charge, as above mentioned, a total of 25% of the total booking value.
2.3.5 Travelcheck undertakes to act faithfully and with dedication vis-à-vis the Various Providers and airlines, to reduce or cancel the cancellation and/or change fees, as much as possible, and will act to reimburse all refunds due to the customer including any refund of port taxes. It is noted again, that cancellation and change fees are determined by the Various Providers, and any change in them is subject to their decision. Travelcheck undertakes to work vis-à-vis the Service Providers diligently, for the return all funds due to the customer, and will immediately transfer, to the customer, all the funds returned by the Providers, except for the aforementioned handling fees.
2.3.6 There may be changes or cancellations of bookings, or some part of them, as a result of events arising from “force majeure”, warfare events, etc. It is hereby clarified, that Travelcheck will not be liable for, and will not be able to comply with any request for a refund owing to such events. Refunds for changes or cancellations will be subject to the Providers’ refund policy. Travelcheck undertakes to act with dedication and loyalty vis-à-vis the Various Providers and to assist its customers to the best of its ability.
2.3.7 The customer must arrange for appropriate travel insurance, as comprehensive and extensive as his needs require, including any personal and luggage travel insurance policy. Cancellation or modification of a booking in case of, God forbid, hospitalisation or death of a first-degree relative, and the refunds therefore, are subject to the policy applied by the Providers and airline companies, and to their instructions. Travelcheck will not be responsible or liable for, and will not be able to comply with, any refund request and the consequences that may result, from any failure to secure such insurance. Travelcheck undertakes to act with dedication and loyalty vis-à-vis the Various Providers, and to assist its customers to the best of its ability.
2.4 Cancellations due to travel bans imposed over scheduled period.

2.4.1 In the event of a cancellation arising from a travel ban imposed over scheduled travel period (specifically excluding cancellations in anticipation of a future travel ban). A travel voucher for the full amount paid by the Customer will be issued to the Customer by the relevant Supplier, to be utilised within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the Supplier, based on prevailing circumstances; or, alternatively, at the Customer’s election. The Customer will be entitled to a full refund of payment made less a service fee equal to 25% (twenty five percent) of the total booking value and any cancellation fees levied by airlines and other relevant Suppliers.
2.4.2 It is agreed that the service fee is for the consulting and administration services provided by Travelcheck, together with the agent’s commission, which services will be deemed to have been fully discharged upon payment of the deposit.
2.4.3 The airline may reserve the right to cancel any services prior to departure, in which event the Customer will be refunded by the airline in accordance with its standard terms and conditions (less Travelcheck’sstandard service fee and any agent’s commission payable) without any further obligation on the part of Travelcheck. Customers should refer to the cancellation provisions contained in the relevant airline’s terms and conditions.
2.4.4 Airlines may charge cancellation fees over and above the cancellation fees charged by Travelcheck.
2.4.5 In the event that the Customer has booked a ticket with more than one flight, the Customer may only use his/her tickets in the sequence in which they were booked. If the customer does not check in for his/her flight, the airline reserves the right to cancel all the remaining flights on that ticket and the Customer’s ticket will become invalid. The Customer will not get any money refunded for parts of the tickets not used.
D. Booking Flights:
3.1 The following provisions will apply, in addition to any other provision, to booking flights, even if booked as part of Services sold as a single package.
3.2 The provisions of the Montreal Convention, as well as the Aviation Services (Compensation and Assistance due to Cancellation of Flight or Changes to its Terms) Act 2012-5772, as the case may be, will apply to the customer’s air transport and luggage.
3.3 Airline tickets are valid for the destinations and times noted on them. The policies of the airline / Provider, or flight organiser for each and every ticket are detailed on the airline’s websites and reservation systems (hereinafter: the “Ticket Rules”) including changes and cancellations and the costs thereof. Any change or cancellation of destinations / dates / names / route is subject to said policies. Travelcheck cannot change an airline’s or Supplier’s rules or policies. These regulations will be available to the passenger at any time; at the passenger’s request Travelcheck will provide the passenger with all the relevant Ticket Rules, and will find out for the passenger, at his request, what the Ticket Rules are, as well as the changes and cancellations policy and their cost, and will assist in this matter as requested.
3.4 A flight organiser and air carrier have the right to change the details of the flights after they have been booked, including their exact dates, route, and the identity of the air carrier actually performing the flight (it should be noted that landing for refuelling is not defined as a “Layover”), subject to any applicable law. The provisions of this section do not prevent the passenger from obtaining any remedy at law in respect of the change, including, in the event that the law permits it, cancellation of the transaction.
3.5 Travelcheck will not be liable for indirect damages caused to the customer as a result of delay or cancellation of air transport, which are the responsibility, and under the control, of the air carrier, including delay / cancellation due to “force majeure”.
3.6 The passenger’s rights with respect to any delay, cancellation, or early departure of a flight are detailed in the Aviation Services (Compensation and Assistance due to Cancellation of a Flight or Changes to its Terms) Act 2012-5772. Travelcheck undertakes to inform the passenger of his rights, and to assist him in receiving the benefits prescribed by the Act, and at the passenger’s request will contact the flight operator, organiser, or anyone acting on their behalf, to release the passenger’s entitlement to such benefits, in accordance with the provisions of said Act.
3.7 The flight details appearing on the airline ticket are those which are binding with respect to the terms and conditions of the reservation; cancellations or changes, initiated by the airline, to the dates or route of a flight, may occur. The airline will notify you of these changes through us, or directly to you, according to the contact details you left on the Website at the time of booking. The airline may also offer you alternatives to your flight. You are not obligated to accepting these offers. Please contact us to review your rights at law, as well as so that we may propose any additional alternatives, if any.
3.8 Early check-in and flight confirmation – Early check-in may often prevent missing a flight or other mishaps. Some airlines require early check-in, and charge an additional fee at the airport if a passenger has not undertaken such early check-in. The passenger undertakes to check-in early on the airline’s website, as long as the airline enables this, which is incidentally also verification of the final flight times. On charter flights, which do not enable early check-in, it is necessary to confirm each flight according to the instructions, by using the phone number on the flight ticket, 72 hours prior to the flight departure time. Travelcheck will not be responsible or liable for any flight missed due to any failure to check-in early, or resulting from any failure to confirm the return flight.
3.9 The passenger must check-in early for all regular flights, including “Low-cost” flights. If the passenger fails to check-in early on the airline’s website, he must immediately contact Travelcheck’s call centre. The passenger must check the final departure time of his flight on the website of the airport from which the flight takes off, or on the airline’s website, or by contacting the Company. Travelcheck will not be responsible or liable for any flight missed due to early check-in failure, or resulting from the customer’s failure to undertake such inquiries.
3.10 Air carriers and immigration authorities have variable policies regarding any passenger who does not have an entry visa for an intermediate destination on the flight route, or lacks flight tickets for subsequent flights and/or return flights. The airlines and immigration authorities may prevent him from boarding the flight to the destination country, if the passenger does not have an entry visa for the intermediate destination or a ticket for the subsequent flight, or a return ticket, and this is subject to the exclusive discretion of the air carriers and immigration authorities on each flight route / destination (and regardless of entrance visa). The passenger must check and verify in person all requirements of the air carriers and those of final and intermediate destination countries on this point. Travelcheck will find out for any passenger, at his request, what the policies of the air carriers, and those of final and intermediate destination countries, are, and will assist each passenger on this point as requested. Travelcheck will not be responsible or liable for any missed flights resulting from any failure to perform this investigation by the passenger.
3.11 Passengers must report to the flight check-in desk at least three hours before the flight on international flights, and two hours on domestic flights. It is hereby clarified for the passenger’s benefit, that security and screening procedures are not carried out by Travelcheck, and therefore are not dependent on it.
3.12 Failure to appear for a flight may result in the immediate and automatic cancellation of any connection flight / return flight, if any, and even the imposition of a fine by the airline. If the passenger does not plan to board the outbound flight, or the subsequent flight on his route, or failed to arrive for the flight, he must immediately report this to Travelcheck, so that we can try to preserve the return flight ticket or any subsequent flights further down the route. In any event, refunds due to non-appearance or cancellation / retention of connection flight / return flight tickets, including refunds, if any, will be subject to airline policy and their considerations.
3.13 Pregnant women, of 22 weeks or more gestation, at the time of booking, must inform the Company that they are pregnant. At the request of various air carriers, women who are 22-27 weeks pregnant must report to the flight with an appropriate medical certificate regarding the health of the pregnancy, in English, including that there is no reason that they should be prevented from boarding the flight. Arriving for a flight without such a medical certificate may result in the air crew refusing to allow the pregnant passenger to board the flight. Women over 27 weeks pregnant are not allowed to fly. In any event, in accordance with international conventions, the discretion regarding the participation of a pregnant woman on a flight is exclusively reserved for the captain of the flight, and he may refuse to permit a pregnant woman to board the flight even if she has presented such a certificate. The Company undertakes to maintain the privacy of the customer, and will not provide such information otherwise than for the purposes of processing her.
In-Flight Services
3.14 Travelcheck will transfer to the air carrier, to the extent possible, any special request made by the customer, but it does not undertake in any way that the request will be complied with, unless it was originally defined as a material request by the customer, due to his special needs, and as a condition of the booking, and was expressly recorded on the airline ticket.
3.15 Various airlines have different policies and definitions regarding the services provided on the flight, and regardless of the definition of the flight as a regular flight, low-cost, or a charter flight. Sometimes there may be differences in services provided even on the same flight and depending on the type of ticket. On “low cost” flights, charter flights, and on some regular flights, partial service is given for payment, in all or part of the following services: Early check-in, luggage, seating, meals, and entertainment. Early seating is not guaranteed and is subject to Providers’ and operators’ policies. Detailed information regarding the services provided in-flight appears on the Website at the time of booking, on the search pages and results on the selected flight, and with the appropriate marking, as well as through our representatives and on the airline’s website.
3.16 The passenger may further order a preferred seat or luggage for an additional charge. These orders can be made on the Website or with the help of Travelcheck service representatives, during or after the booking, on the airline’s website, or at the airport. On orders through Travelcheck, the Company will charge a fee of R25-50 per item / passenger, as applicable. The cost of some of the services available for purchase at the airport may be higher than when purchased earlier on the Website. Travelcheck undertakes to perform inquiries for a passenger’s benefit, and upon his request, regarding the terms and services provided in-flight, regarding their purchase options, and their purchase costs.
3.17 In any event in which a customer performed early check-in, and early payment for luggage, independently on the airline’s website, you must bring the boarding pass and confirmation of payment with you to the airport and present them.
D. Booking Flights:
4.1 Requests for changes to bookings are to be forwarded in writing only to service@travelcheck.co.za. The Company undertakes to process the requests and respond to the customer within two working days of receiving them, subject to receiving a response from the Providers of the Various Services. It is emphasised, that Travelcheck has no authority to approve applications or changes, and therefore they are not under its control. Approving a request is subject to product availability, Provider policy, and applicable airline ticket laws. Travelcheck undertakes to act with dedication and faithfully vis-a-vis the Various Providers and to assist the customer as much as it can.
4.2 The customer may transfer to Travelcheck any complaint or request relating to the Services rendered, by writing to the Company’s Customer Service Department at the address indicated at the heading of this document, or by email to service@travelcheck.co.za. Unfortunately, we cannot process oral requests.
4.3 The customer must retain all documents relevant to his complaint, including airline tickets, boarding passes, original receipts, vouchers, certificates evidencing loss from airport lost and found offices, confirmations of police complaints, certificates from any hotel, and any other relevant documents, and be ready to present them on demand.
4.4 In the event of damage, loss, or delay in receiving the passenger’s luggage, the passenger shall immediately inform the airline of the event at the lost and found office at the airport and receive appropriate confirmation of this. Inquiries regarding loss or damage to passenger luggage should be addressed directly to the airline with the appropriate documents attached. Travelcheck will provide the passengers with the contact details for the airlines’ relevant departments that handle these matters.
4.5 In order to enable processing a complaint, the passenger must contact the Service Providers, directly or through Travelcheck as above mentioned, as soon as possible after the conclusion of the provision of the Services booked. In any case, complaints concerning events that occurred more than 3 years prior to the complaint, will not be processed.
4.6 Travelcheck undertakes to transfer the customer’s complaint to the Service Providers, and to transmit any response received from them, but it has no possibility of controlling or influencing the response times, or the response of the Various Providers, and has no responsibility or liability for them. If possible, complaints relating to Services provided overseas should be submitted in English. Travelcheck representatives will assist, as much as necessary, any passenger requesting assistance in drafting or translating an English appeal to be submitted to a Provider.
F. Privacy Policy:
5.0 Our Privacy Policy is published on the Website under the Privacy and Information Security Policy appendix, and forms part, and is a continuation, of the document of General Terms and Conditions.