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Jo’burg – Durban from R 503 View
Jo’burg – Cape Town from R 773 View
Jo’burg – P.E. from R 902 View
Cape Town – Durban from R 1313 View
  • And many more – simply insert your departure and destination airport into the respective fields, fill in your preferred travel dates and we will give you the best options available.
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Add Flexibility
For just R199 extra selecting this option will allow you to make one date change to your flight booking up to 24 hours prior to departure. Travelcheck will endeavour to do the date change as quickly as possible. Upon booking this product you will be exempt from paying the airline’s or Travelcheck's penalty and re-booking fees. In the event of a date change, you will only have to pay in the difference if the price of your re-booked ticket is higher than the original ticket.
Face masks have to be worn to enter the airport terminal building and all the way through until you reach your destination.
Boarding Pass
Make sure you check-in online. Your boarding pass will then be sent to you via email or via WhatsApp. You can display the boarding pass barcode on your smartphone to be scanned at the airport barcode readers just before the security check, or if you prefer, it can also be printed at home and presented at the security checkpoint.
Please ensure that you have a valid form of ID like an ID Book, South African Driver's Licence or Passport on you when travelling. Children must have a Birth Certificate or a certified copy of a Birth Certificate no older than 3 months. This does not need to be an Unabridged Birth Certificate.