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Flights to Kruger National Park land at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (MQP), Hendrik Van Eck Airport (PHW), or Skukuza Airport (SZK). Stretching across more than 19,000 square kilometres of beautiful bush veld, it is the largest game reserve in South Africa and one of the greatest attractions in Africa. The park is home to sensational wildlife experiences and safari lodges, which makes for a truly unforgettable and indulgent holiday. Kruger National Park is a place of immense mystery, magic, and beauty, and a trip you have to do at least once in your life. South Africans don’t need a visa to visit Kruger National Park, but visitors from abroad might need a Visitor Visa.


With its sprawling expanses of wild landscape and thriving plant and animal life, there is so much to discover in Kruger National Park. Game drives are definitely the most exciting. Early morning and afternoon drives will take you into the heart of the bush where baobab, marula, and mopane trees watch over the land, and majestic creatures such as lions and elephants wander below the great African sun. Game drives through Kruger National Park will show you the great African plains as you’ve never seen them before. Be sure to try the night drive through the park. And when you aren’t cruising through the wild, the park offers incredible opportunities for guided walks, hot air ballooning, wilderness trails, caving, bird watching, golf, and mountain biking. Most of the lodges also have wellness centres that offer luxurious spa treatments if you would rather take it easy.


If you are looking for a shopping mall in Kruger National Park, you won’t find one. The closest shopping centre is Riverside Mall in Nelspruit. There are shops at the various rest camps in Kruger National Park that sell basic groceries and liquor such as wine and beer. For other essentials, you should stock up before arriving in Kruger National Park. As for things to do at night in Kruger National Park, the best evening activities entail a jacuzzi, bush braai, and millions of stars. The lodges in the private game reserves usually have their own restaurant and bar.


The best way to get around Kruger National Park is by car. There are several car rental agencies at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. A private charter flight can be arranged to any lodge airstrip in the park, but those must be booked when making your accommodation reservation. Some lodges might offer shuttle services to and from the airport.


Choosing where to stay in Kruger National Park is not easy. The private game reserves are home to astoundingly beautiful lodges that offer all-inclusive luxury and a number of incredible perks and extras that can make your stay in Kruger National Park unforgettable. However, there are also many sensational hotels in Kruger National Park that offer world-class facilities and service. But for a truly unique experience, a tented camp will give you a chance to sleep beneath the stars as the wild African bush rustles and purrs around you. For something a bit more low-key and affordable, self catering lodges, bush camps, guest houses, and chalets are available throughout the park.


Direct flights to Kruger National Park depart from Johannesburg and Cape Town, while connecting flights to Kruger National Park depart from most of the cities around South Africa. The main domestic airline operating flights to Kruger National Park is Airlink. International flights to Kruger National Park usually stop in Johannesburg and are available on many major airlines, from many cities around the world.


Hop into a hot air balloon and see the Kruger National Park from the sky. Seeing the bush and its animal inhabitants is an enchanting experience, but seeing it from the air is something else entirely. Witnessing buffalo galloping across the landscape, giraffe roaming between trees, cheetahs lazing in trees, and lions caught in a chase with springbok is something you will never forget. The Lonely Bull Trail is a 3 day hiking trip through the Kruger National Park. You will get to truly immerse yourself in nature as you trek through untouched bush and encounter wildlife along the way. When night falls you get to pitch a tent beside the river and fall asleep to the sound of the wild. There are many ways to experience the Kruger National Park, but this is arguably the most unique. Treat yourself to an all-inclusive safari lodge stay in a private game reserve. Spending a night at one of the luxurious lodges is pure indulgence. Candlelit dinners under the stars, elegant cabins that look out onto the bush, a private safari guide, lunch on the banks of a river. A trip to Kruger National Park is a bucket list experience, you may as well go all out for at least one night.