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Flights to Lagos are available from all major airports in South Africa. Lagos is one of the most powerful cities in the Africa and also one of the most fascinating. It is a city where glamour meets culture and the air bristles with heat and the energy of metropolis where anything can happen. Lagos is a city bursting at the seams with people, style, culture, and experiences you can’t have anywhere else. Flights to Lagos land at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS). South Africans need an entry visa to visit Nigeria. You will need to meet the visa requirements for Nigeria and apply through the Embassy of Nigeria.


Attractions in Lagos

Lagos is a city that will captivate you with its sights and sounds. Start off with a bit of arts and culture with a visit to the National Museum of Nigeria, Didi Museum, National Theatre of Arts and Culture, and Nike Art Gallery. A stroll through Freedom Park might reward you with a glimpse into the creative arts scene – it is a heritage preservation site that is known for its exhibitions of displays of creative expression. Lekki Conservation Centre is a nature reserve that is a nice place to wander through if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Lagos is the entertainment capital of Nigeria, so experiencing the nightlife is a must-do when visiting the city. If you are looking for a good time, you will find it in Lagos. Most of the bars and nightclubs are on Victoria Island and in Ikoyi. Some of the best nightclubs in Lagos are Club Quilox, Escape Night Club, and Prive Lounge on Victoria Island, Rumors in Ikeja, and Club 57 in Ikoyi. If you want to get out of the city for a day, there are a number of great beaches just outside of the city. Eleko Beach, Elegushi Royal Beach, Atican Beach Resort are three of the best beaches in Lagos.


Shopping in Lagos

Lagos is a modern city known for its culture of fashion and high glamour, so you won’t struggle to find places to shop, especially for trendy threads. Your shopping options range from sleek shopping malls and independent boutique stores to enormous outdoor markets. The two main shopping malls are Mega Plaza and The Palms Shopping Mall on Victoria Island. Most of the stores don’t accept cards, so be sure to take cash. If you are more interested in traditional Nigerian crafts and street food, head to Lekki Market or Balogun Market. The best shopping experiences happen at the markets. Keep an eye out for street food vendors while out shopping and try moin moin, abacha, suya, and garden eggs if you come across it.


Transportation in Lagos

The best way to get around Lagos is with a hired car and private driver. You will be able to find these outside most hotels, but the staff at your accommodation should be able to arrange or recommend a reliable one. Uber and cabs are also safe, affordable, and reliable forms of transport in Lagos. Cabs are yellow with a blue stripe down the side. If you want a real local experience, catch a ride on one of the yellow tuks tuks that can be seen zipping around the city.


Accommodations in Lagos

Lagos is a big city with just about every type of accommodation you can think of. Hotels are abundant and range from luxurious boutique hotels overlooking the glittering lights of the city to simple, no frills budget hotels. Self-catering apartments, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and express hotels are also popular options if you want something more low-key and affordable.


Flights to Lagos

Direct flights to Lagos are only available from Johannesburg, but connecting flights to Lagos are available from Cape Town, Durban, and most other cities in South Africa. Flights to Lagos can be as short as 6 hours if they are direct, or as much as 23 hours if they have more than one connecting flight or a long layover. South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and ASKY Airlines offer direct flights to Lagos. Other airlines that operate flights to Lagos are Rwandair, Emirates, Kenya Airways, and Lufthansa. A domestic flight will get you from Lagos to the other cities and towns in Nigeria.


Our expert preferred spot in Lagos

The New Afrika Shrine is the heart and soul of the live music scene in Lagos and something of an institution in Nigeria. It is an absolute must-visit if you want to dance to the rhythms of Nigeria, hang out with locals, and try palm wine, a popular local drink. This beloved dance hall is always buzzing with energy and is the home of Felabration, an annual week-long music festival that celebrates the life and music of Fela Kuti, the late father of Afrobeat music. But before you head out for the night, head to Terra Kulture for dinner. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Lagos that serves traditional dishes such as jollof rice, spicy peppered snails, and efo riro. Terra Kulture and the New Afrika Shrine are the ultimate way to spend a night in Lagos.