Terms and Conditions:

Travelcheck will guarantee, subject to the contents of these regulations, that any booking made on its website will be cheaper or the same cost than that of a competing tourism company of a parallel nature operating in South Africa and up to 24 hours from the execution of the reservation on the website. (On the Order Page and fill in the details) and begin and end only in South Africa (hereinafter - the flights), which were executed in full on the website of Travelcheck (pty) Ltd. and without any intervention by the Company's representatives. The offer will apply to these flight tickets only and not to any other product or service marketed by Travelcheck Ltd.

The offer will not apply to flights whose departure date is within 72 hours or less of the date of placing an order, as well as flights offered by competing companies as part of exclusive prices provided only to flight organizers or flights, including promotional offers

Campaign period

From December 31, 2018 to December 31, 2019. Travelcheck Ltd. will be entitled to terminate the operation at any time, even without prior notice, as long as the right of the person who made bookings with it prior to the end of the promotion

Realization of the operation

Subject to the provisions of the Articles of Association of the Operation, any person who books on the site may claim to Travelcheck Ltd. that a competing company operating in the South Africa, via a website (Internet quotes only) has offered him the same flight details at a cheaper price.

Please send an email along with a valid quote (a screenshot will suffice) to: service@travelcheck.co.za.

The flight for sale by a competing company and at the price claimed on its official website or in an official written proposal addressed to that customer, bearing the competitor's trade mark and details, the manner of contacting and signing it, and details the details of the competing product and its proposed price.

The date of submission of the claim will be considered as the date on which the email was received at the offices of Travelcheck Ltd.

It is hereby clarified that the said flights will be offered for sale by the competing company to the general public, and that this is not an individual discount given to the customer, including a special discount or discount coupon or coupon of any kind, and that they will still be available for purchase at the time of receipt of the claim at the offices of Travelcheck Ltd.

Travelcheck Ltd. has the right to check and verify the claim against the competing company, which offers the said flight at a cheaper price. If the verification proves that this is not a cheaper price, the claim will be rejected.

It is hereby clarified that the flights sold by the competing company will be identical in every aspect of the flights ordered, including but not limited to: absolute identity of the flight hours, service provider, air carrier, accompanying ground services, class airfare,

Benefit to the customer by virtue of the operation

If the customer's claim is correct, Travelcheck Ltd. will credit the customer's credit card with the amount of the difference between the cost of the flight booked on the website and the cost of the competing flight at the cheapest price of R1 of the cheapest price he found

For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the offer per se does not grant the Client any right to cancel the booking.

Terms of change and cancellation

Without derogating from the provisions of any law, the following provisions shall apply to orders made in the framework of the operation:

The orders are subject to cancellation / change fees in accordance with the appendix to the general terms and conditions of the site and according to any relevant law.

Cancellation of transactions shall be done in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, as set out in section 14C (hereinafter: "the Law") or in the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of Transaction) (hereinafter: "the Regulations"):

In remote sales transactions, the consumer may cancel the transaction in writing within fourteen days from the date of its execution or from the date of receipt of the document containing the details of the order, whichever is later, provided that by the date of service provision there are more than 7 days that are not rest days. In any case, cancellation will be made by written notice and subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, with the determining date being the beginning of the next business day after receipt of the document in our offices. If the day of receipt of the notice is a sabbatical in South Africa / abroad, the date of cancellation / change will be considered as the first working day after that date.

The cancellation fees to be collected for the cancellation will be 5% of the value of the transaction per person or R500 per person, whichever is lower.



Any provisions relating to orders in the framework of the operation for which no specific provisions have been made in these Articles, including cancellation of a booking made not in accordance with the provisions of the Law as aforementioned shall apply to the provisions of the general terms of the orders at Travelcheck Ltd.,

This offer does not constitute any obligation of Travelcheck Ltd. towards the Client not expressly stated in the above general terms or in the provisions of these Terms of Use.